The Wisconsin in the World edited book explores how internationalization at the University of Wisconsin–Madison (UW) has been a decades-long, ongoing endeavor. Against that backdrop, the various chapters also provide a snapshot of how people across the UW campus were reflecting on their work amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and on the implications of the pandemic regarding the future of campus internationalization. The book is organized into four overarching sections—internationalization of the curriculum (general and language); experiential learning (co-curricular engagement and education away); establishing linkages (institutional and outreach); and administration. To highlight the expansive way campus units have been engaging in internationalization, a wide-ranging set of chapter case studies have been included. Although not exhaustive, this volume does provide a robust cross-sectional view into internationalization at UW.

The edited book may be ordered from Information Age Publishing at the following link (click here) as well as wherever books can be purchased. It is also available through UW–Madison Library (click here).